Since their beginning in 2013, Rebuilder has refused to follow the  rules. Their first show was at a bar playing to no one. Their second  show was playing to a sold-out crowd with Dropkick Murphys – That’s  definitely against the rules. 

2015 saw the release of “Rock and Roll in America” debut full length that included  “Le Grand Fromage” which went to be featured on the movie Clerks 3 by Kevin Smith. 2017 brought the follow up EP “Sounds from the Massachusetts Turnpike” which featured the singles “Get up” and “Mile or An Inch”.

The self proclaimed gnarly-punk band from Boston has piled into  their van, and brought their brand of never-say-die Rock & Roll to  the people. Tireless travel up and down both coasts, throughout the  Midwest, and even crossing the occasional boarder into Canada and  Mexico, Rebuilder has put the pedal through the floor since their  inception. 

Rebuilder is Sal Ellington (vocals, guitar), Craig Stanton (vocals/guitar), Daniel Carswell (bass), Brandon Phillips (drums/guitars), Harley Cox (drums)

6 times nominated for Best Punk Band In Boston by Boston Music Awards

Opened for: Dropkick Murphys, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Diarrhea  Planet, Iron Chic, Single Mothers, Pennywise, Bad Religion, NOFX, Frank  Turner, Piebald, etc.

“Rebuilder need to get on the road with some of skate-punk and pop-punk’s great masters, like the Descendents and NOFX. Their one-two punch of two lead vocalists and straight barre-chord punk is catchy as hell, and deserves to be heard by the masses.” – Do 617

“Loud, fast, pop punk with attitude.” – Daykamp Music

“Rebuilder are the best kind of in-between from hardcore punk and early 90’s skate punk. Bigass hooks, singalong choruses, gritty palm-muted guitars…go do a kickflip, break your wrist, and go to a Rebuilder show in your cast. That’s how it should be.” – Adam Parshall Allston Pudding

“A killer punk screed needn’t exceed two minutes. Economical and phenomenal.” – Jed Gottlieb Boston Herald