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The schedule preview is here! With jam-packed days full of musical performances, podcasts, silly cinematic shit, and immersive activities, start to plan your days on board.

Fully immerse yourself in the Cruise Askewniverse by visiting the one of a kind Kevin Smith Me-seum, gnoshing on late-night Hater Tots at the Mooby's at Sea restaurant, and attending Clerks III and Mallrats script readings you won't soon forget!

See with your eyeballs what normally goes to your earballs with live podcast tapings of Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Hollywood Babble On, Fatman Beyond, Edumacation, and Plus One!

Enjoy a 3 night vacation on a round trip cruise from Miami to the Bahamas on the luxurious Norwegian Pearl. Explore capital Nassau's natural beauty and rich cultural history, complete with gorgeous beaches and charming pastel-colored architecture. Swim with the dolphins, snorkel with colorful fish, or find some of the best duty-free shopping on Bay Street.

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